Thursday, April 04, 2013

Marijuana and henna are practically the same thing

First things first: Hi Dad! I got a tattoo! I know you'll be devastated that I can no longer marry into the royal family but I think I'll be alright.

This tattoo has been 14 years coming. I'd like to say it has a meaning that is all deep and thoughtful, but really, my bestie Alley and I ran away one night, during one family holiday to Waihi beach when we were 14, to hang out with two upstanding citizens that lived across the road from the dairy by the surf club. Their names were Bone and Jason.

Bone had a celtic tree of life tattooed in the middle of his back. At the time, I didn't know it was a celtic tree of life, I was all "Woahhhh cool tattoo, man." and I've kinda wanted one like it ever since.

Fast forward about 13 years, when Tash sent me the link to this tattoo (I think it was that one?) and I was all "Ooooo pretty!" and then "HOLY SHIT!" when further investigation revealed that Victor, the tattoo artist, was based in Ponsonby, at Two Hands tattoo. FORTUITOUS!

I was a little bit scared so read his blog for about a year until one day I decided that I'd never get around to it if I didn't do it THAT SECOND. I was probably meant to be doing something Very Important and work related so of course the priority became emailing about a tattoo.

I didn't really know how to talk to tattoo people because I'm new to all this so I sent a very Nikki-like email and then angsted (totes a word) for a week about whether he'd actually reply. And he did! And I got a real life tattoo!

Victor was great to work with. He dealt with my vagueness really well and didn't laugh at me too much when I was all "IT HUUUURTS". I love the reference to Bone's sweet tree of life tattoo but that it's true to Victor's style. I even love the hint of tribal it has going on with the tree roots. I was all "NO TRIBAL" but I take it back. The tribal thing is growing on me.

I love it.

And the Hannah rat has declared that she wants a Chinese Dragon tattooed on her thigh. Crap. Although, to be fair, she's wanted a Chinese Dragon Tattoo ever since she had one painted in Henna on her arm at Craft2.0 back in 2009.

I think I've managed to convince her to wait until she's my age by bribing her; I promised to pay for her tattoo if she waited til she was 28 to get her first one.

Henna: it's the gateway drug of tattoos, I tell ya.


  1. Oh wow! Honestly that's one of the coolest tattoos I've seen. One of the coolest designs I've seen full stop!

  2. Awesome Nik. Well done. Very stylish. Very you! Elliott keeps asking me for one too - I should remember some of the totally crazy reasons her father keeps giving her for why she should not get one...

  3. Absolutely love it!

  4. Yay you! You did it! Looks amazing. I'm totally with you on the drug analogy - except the only thing worse than henna for making you want tattoos. . . is a tattoo. So when's the next one? ;)


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